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McDonald Auto Supply’s machine shop was born in 1983 with the goal of providing the Alpena area with quality and affordable machine shop services. In 39 years since, our shop has continued to achieve that goal. From the area’s first dedicated flywheel grinder to thermal engine cleaning, to accurate automotive machining data and technology sources to the latest in computer engine component balancing, super abrasive surfacing capabilities and more, McDonald Auto Supply Machine Shop has been looking ahead to give our customers the best in automotive machine work. We continue to learn the latest techniques and to update our shop with modern and reliable machinery and tooling to keep up with the latest in engine designs and demands.

Engine Work
Computerized engine balancing
Performance engine work
Torque-Plate Cylinder boring and honing
Small engine boring and honing
Cam bearing installation
Head resurfacing
Block resurfacing
Intake Manifold resurfacing
Complete valve jobs
Guide replacement and repair
Bake oven, shot blast cleaning
Engine component cleaning
Connection rod reconditioning
Piston/rod assembly
Flywheel grinding
Carburetor Repair
Carburetor rebuilding
Throttle shaft bore re-bushing
Additional Services
Threaded hole repairs
Miscellaneous engine work

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